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I enjoy blending the 2 extremes of musical spectrums in my arrangements; Old school with modern elements, ethnic instruments with electronic samples, Asian textures with Western grooves, and so on.

In late 2016, I signed with Elevenz Music Production Bejing (十一音乐) for 2 years and expanded further on this blend in arrangements working with artists such as SU 苏运莹, Chen Li 陈粒, MATZKA and several more artists.

Many of the arrangements have a strong sense of rhythm and groove. This mainly comes from my drumming background. 


​Funk, Pop, Electronic, Dance, Old School Hip Hop, Ethnic-Electronic, World, Acoustic


Sandy Lam 林忆莲, SU 苏运莹, Chen Li 陈粒, MATZKA,

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 

"Music begins where

the possibilities 

of language end."

- Jean Sibelius


and many more...

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